2012. október 12., péntek

Szobrok Térplasztikák Installációk Street Art

"The Awakening" by J. Seward Johnson, Jr. was moved from Washington, D.C. across the Potomic to Maryland. Caused quite a kerfuffle.

Sculpture in the Luxembourg Gardens, Paris 2006

Alas, Vancouver loses its upside-down church 
Top Ten Strange Outdoor Sculptures
Sculpture by: Claes Oldenburg/Coosje van Bruggen
Created: 1985 - 1988 / USA


Man hanging out

Public purse

Traffic light tree
Solfar - The Sun Voyager - Sculpture
Sun voyager, Iceland
Maman - Spider
Sculpture by: Louise Bourgeois 
Created: 1999 / Spain, Bilbao

Singing, Ringing, Tree
Singing, ringing tree, England
The Hand of the Desert
Hand of the desert, Chile
Freezing Water sculpture Vanier Park Vancouver
Freezing water, Vancouver

Finger Pointing, Paris
Weirdest Outdoor Sculptures on the Planet
Workaholic, Los Angeles
Weirdest Outdoor Sculptures on the Planet
Clothespines, Philadelphia
Weirdest Outdoor Sculptures on the Planet
Vomiting fountain, London

Zoran Mojsilov sculpture