2012. február 18., szombat

Span-System 2

másik honlap a span-system lefedési technológiáról:

Spantech - The Total Construction System
Spantech Pty Ltd designs and constructs a range of buildings using the patentedSpantech Construction System.The system features straight or curved roofing panels to provide frameless, wide-span buildings.
Spantech buildings are fast to construct, strong and low maintenance. The Spantech System is economical and best suited to large commercial sized projects.
The system is versatile. Spantech buildings are used in a diverse range of applicationsincluding simple shade structures and complete sport and recreation halls, plus a comprehensive array of hardened buildings for defence. The range of buildings foragriculture and bulk storage includes specific designs for grain and potatoes.
The company constructs projects in Australia and New Zealand, with services also available in selected international regions through appointed licensees.

300 Curved Panel

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